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  • Why light steel construction is becoming mainstream
    • September 06. 2022

    The designs of light gauge steel frame buildings are designed according to permanent building specifications just like in reinforced concrete buildings. Calculations are made according to the load required to be carried. In addition, since they are significantly lighter than reinforced concrete, they are much less exposed to earthquake loads. This significantly increases the earthquake resistance ...

  • Demystifying SPC Flooring
    • August 18. 2022

    Do you feel like the flooring options for your home have gotten confusing? There are so many different flooring types now that keeping up with everythingthat claims with most modern & suitable option. Most people don't shop for new flooring that often, so when you do begin to look at options, you might feel a little out of your league. One type of flooring we hope to explain in this article is...

  • Light Gauge Steel Framing Fabrication Processes & Drawings at Fab Shops
    • August 16. 2022

    Fabrication of light gauge steel framing is a process that uses raw materials such as light weight structural steel and light gauge steel to turn it into an object with a specific design and function used in buildings and building parts. Such fabricated items may have other uses besides in construction like in furniture, model & etc. The process of steel frame construction is carried out in sp...

  • Effective Insulation R-Values in Light Gauge Steel Framing vs. Wood Framing
    • July 13. 2022

    What would be the difference if applying the same insulation material to wood framing and steel framing. What effect will be? These questions are becoming popular in the construction industry. This article compares the light steel structure and the wood structure with the thermal performance. The comparison showed that the commonly practiced method of replacing wood with steel stick-for-stick resu...

  • How to Anti-Corrosion in LGS Villas in Humid Climate
    • June 13. 2022

    Let look at a cold formed steel framing villa located in humid climate next to Sea. Villa Exterior Overview at Long-distance Wall Framing Corrosion Roof Framing Corrosion Exterior Wall Corrosion How to Anti-Corrosion in LGS Villas in Humid Climate ? BuildMart suggest details should be take care in air tightness, water tightness, interior insulation material, and construction technology. 1. Ch...

  • Guide to Metal Studs Framing
    • May 16. 2022

    Metal studs are cold-formed steel components used for framing basement and partition walls just as regular wooden apparatuses. They are mainly used to support non-load bearing walls. On the other hand, metal stud framing is the process of erecting walls and panes using cold-steel components. Metal stud framing has two major apparatuses – the stud and the truck. Heavy gauge metal studs are used in ...

  • Perspective View of Triangular Metal Frame Ceiling
    • May 05. 2022

    Sample of Metal Stud Ceiling Framing Any interests or questions, welcome to visit BuildMart at

  • The Benefits of Steel-VS-Wood for Low-Rise Building Construction
    • April 20. 2022

    Origin of LGS Structure • It is derived from the construction technology of balsa wood structure and follows the construction method of 2*4 wood structure; • Using galvanized steel sheet with thickness of 1.0mm-2.4mm to roll cold-formed thin-walled steel skeleton; • The keel interval of the wall endurance structure (C-section steel) is 406mm or 610mm; • A variety of cladding materials are covered ...

  • What's The Difference Between CFS and Structural Steel?
    • April 11. 2022

    CFS and structural steel differ significantly in terms of their production and framing methods. However, CFS is widely recognized for producing less waste, being light in gauge, and being cost-effective. Structural steel is carbon-based. Increasing the steel's carbon composition means it can be adjusted to have both strength and low elasticity. Typically, the carbon content of steel is adjusted de...

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