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  • Should You Choose OSB or Plywood ? Here is What to Consider
    • February 09. 2022

    Whether you're building a new house or doing some renovating, you might have to purchase some wood panels for subfloors or sheathing. There are many choices available, but the two most commonly used products are oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood.  OSB and plywood are both made from wood pieces, glues, and resins. They come in large sheets or panels, and each can be used for a variety of...

  • What Is the Cost to Raise a Basement Ceiling?
    • January 18. 2022

    The typical cost to raise your house's basement ceiling is between $10,000 and $90,000 If you’re remodeling your basement to turn it into a space to watch the big game or host a party, consider raising the roofer, ceiling to make it roomier. It can cost between $10,000 and $90,000 to raise a basement ceiling, depending on the basement’s condition and the type of structure you have. ...

  • Advantages of Light Steel Villas
    • January 10. 2022

    The villas in light steel structures can endure 12 grade hurricane, 1500mm snow load, 9 grade seismic, and 2.5h fire resistance.   Moisture-proof: Compared to wood structure or civil engineered villas, you don't need to worry about termites on steel structure villas, as well as the swelling of materials caused by wet weather, and the decay of materials as time elapses.   Great ventilatio...

  • Application of Prefab House / LGS Building in British National Defense Construction
    • January 05. 2022

    Caledonian Prefab House / LGS Building starts work on £121 million contract for phase one of Defence College of Technical Training Caledonian Prefab House / LGS Building, part of the Caledonian Group, has commenced work on a £121 million Ministry of Defence (MoD)/Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) contract for Hercules, a joint venture between Kier Group and Balfour Beatty. The project...

  • Do a Good Job in the Details of the Internal and External Corners of the Cement Fiber Board Exterior Wall
    • December 27. 2021

    How to Detail a Perfectly Seamless Fiber Cement Board–Clad Corner Creating a seamless corner detail isn’t as difficult as you think. Fiber cement cladding is not as difficult to detail as you think. Architects use it successfully for a wide variety of applications because it’s cheaper than other cladding materials, can be fabricated to look like a variety of raw materials (such as wood or concrete...

  • Light Gauge Steel Roof Structure
    • December 20. 2021

    1. Rafter roof This is the most common light gauge steel roof structure, mainly used for complex roof shapes. The rafter roof can be divided into: ■Rafters and pillars (picture 1 and picture 2) This is the most common LGS roof structure, mainly used for complex roof shapes. Picture 1 Picture 2 ■Rafters and restraint joists (pictures 3 and 4) Picture 3 Picture 4 This kind of light gauge steel roof ...

  • Fabricated Building Board Products Available on The Market
    • December 13. 2021

    ■Structural board (OSB, cement board, calcium silicate board, fiber board); ■Exterior panels; ■Plastic board; 1. The purpose of various plates ■Structural panel structure is used for the exterior structural wall panels of all (low-rise, bottom and high-rise) buildings. ■All interior wall decorations (used for low-rise, vertical and high-rise) buildings. ■Exterior panels The exterior panels can be ...

  • How to Define "Prefab"
    • December 06. 2021

    To know what is Prefab houses, we should know what is " assembly" first. (1) How to define "assembly" in the machinery industry What is "assembly"? "Assembly" is the use of various "components" with different materials, different shapes, and different functions with various devices that can be "assembled", "disassembled", and "replaceable" (that is, repairable) Installed together to form a "comple...

  • Structural Mechanics Features and Structural Design Ideas of Light-Frame Buildings
    • December 02. 2021

    There are two main mechanical characteristics of light-frame buildings, namely load sharing and repeated and compound effects. Load sharing means that all components in the system have both division of labor and cooperation, and work together to bear the load. Even if a component fails-it is not able to bear the part of the load it should bear, it does not matter. The neighbors will take the lead ...

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