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  • Do tiny houses degrade faster than traditional ones?
    • January 11. 2023

    Some wear and tear are unavoidable for a home of any size. Constant human presence affects every home, especially if you have kids or pets! But is it true that a tiny house degrades faster than a traditional home? Not necessarily. When we first looked into tiny houses, the word "durable" wasn't the first descriptor that came to mind. But despite its unassuming size, a tiny home can last as long as...

  • What's it really like to live in a tiny house?
    • January 03. 2023

    Tiny houses have their perks — they're both environmentally and budget friendly. When looking for a home, you probably keep an eye out for certain features — a big backyard, multiple floors, beautiful views and lots of space. A small trailer homes can sometimes afford you all the room you need if you know how to cut back and organize well. And for ideas on how to organize your house on a tiny home...

  • Reasons why Tiny houses are becoming popular
    • December 27. 2022

    It looks like the tiny house craze is here to stay, and for good reason. As the world grows more complicated, people long for a return to simplicity. There are still many advantages of Tiny houses, 1. Mobility and flexibility, the use of scenarios change. The mobile container module house has strong mobility. No matter where the customer will build, as long as the area is flat, and reserved space ...

  • Build a dreaming villa to live a yearning life
    • December 20. 2022

      Running around the world, the love for your family never stops. A villa of your own is a firm choice for most people, so what is the kind of house life you aspire to? We are always looking forward to the future, to life. And willing to spend more time enjoying life, living in a high-end, warm, and comfortable villa, and starting a happy and longed-for villa life. Light steel villas can give...

  • Which is the more cost effective way to build a house, light steel, brick or timber?
    • December 13. 2022

    In recent years, with the national policy of building beautiful countryside and advocating assembly-type construction, the countryside has gradually become people's dream home. The rise of light steel villas has allowed people to build stylish and beautiful houses without spending too much time, money, and effort, meeting our need to return to natural living! Light steel villas are widely availabl...

  • Be different, build a unique home
    • December 06. 2022

    In this era, a person's distinctive and unique characteristics will attract the attention and appreciation of many people. Young people in this era are more focused on their own brand effect because creating their own chic characteristics can bring more opportunities and more success through efforts to maximize their own value. Nowadays, rural housing is also changing, tired of the traditional hou...

  • Light steel is safer during earthquakes
    • November 28. 2022

    The earthquake itself does not hurt people, but the actual injury is the earthquake caused by the collapse of non-resistant buildings. When an earthquake comes, the walls of the brick house will naturally crack during the vibration process because of the activity of the left and right and up and down, and the excessive weight of the brick house itself will also cause the foundation to sink, thus l...

  • Duplexes, are the perfect choice for young couples living with their parents
    • November 23. 2022

       In today's fast-moving material world, it is essential for young people to get married and have a home. Most young couples prefer to live alone and rarely want to live with their parents. Because of the difference in concepts caused by the age of life, young people and their parents will be very different in communication and exchange, living together for a long time will also produce...

  • Build your luxury dream house in light steel
    • November 15. 2022

    With the rapid development of urbanization, the pollution and damage to the natural environment caused by the traditional concrete construction method have become more prominent, and with the danger of flooding and other flood disasters, the people of China have also put forward higher requirements for the quality of engineering construction, requiring green, environmental protection, safety, ener...

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