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  • Analysis of the future development market prospects of light steel villas
    • November 08. 2022

    1.Private residential market Due to the rise in economic capacity, the old brick-and-mortar houses no longer meet people's requirements for housing and living. The number of new townhouses and rural single-family houses is around 3 million sets per year, corresponding to the short-term penetration rate of light steel houses, and the demand for light steel houses in this market segment is around 90...

  • A perfect blend of architecture and ecology
    • November 03. 2022

    The challenge to architects is how to meet the needs of modern construction in an ecologically optimal way. After making a large number of on-site investigations, architects completed the structural transformation and integrated system layout with extremely minimal intervention, so that the light steel frame building could be connected with the surrounding forest and water system smoothly. There a...

  • What software is the most suitable for light gauge steel framing design
    • October 27. 2022

    There are hundreds of steel structure design software all over the world. Tekla, Vertex BD, MWF from Strucsoft, Framecad design software, Framebuilder MRD etc. However, what kind of design software is the most effective and most useful for light steel framing buildings? Our CEO- Ollin Zhong, who has 10 years of experience in LGS construction has his unique view. “The first time I started to find a...

  • The reason of the fast growth of the light gauge steel framing
    • October 19. 2022

    Light Gauge steel framing for new residential homes and remodeling projects has grown to be the preferred material over the past few years. For many decades, the light gauge steel framing has been almost exclusively used for commercial job sites where there is more of a focus on fire resistance and is combined with the integration of red iron metal construction. Cold formed metal framing has been ...

  • How light steel can achieve to become an environmentally friendly building
    • October 12. 2022

    A light steel villa is an industrialized building model where certain parts of the building are produced and transported in a modern factory and then transported to the building site for assembly. Since the main frame is light steel building structure material with over 80% recycling rate and the interior and exterior decorative materials are environmentally friendly, the construction process prod...

  • Reasons for the development of light gauge steel houses
    • October 09. 2022

    Opportunities for light steel framing villas 1、The urbanization process continues 2. The tourism and holiday industry is looking up 3. Ageing is on the horizon Factors driving the industry I. Shortage of workers and increasing labor costs Compared to traditional construction methods, the use of integrated assembled buildings greatly enhances production efficiency and reduces manpower requirements;...

  • Trends in light steel villas
    • September 27. 2022

    In recent years, the steel structure villa began to be concerned and sought after, especially by people who like various European styles and promote fashionable environmental protection, become the main followers of light steel frame construction. The steel structure house is an urban recyclable building structure. It can not only be recycled, reused, and reduce the emission of construction waste ...

  • Material selection for building houses
    • September 20. 2022

    Using different types of structures for dream houses is crucial to the choice of a contractor. A house or building is a big investment that requires a lot of planning to avoid any regrets. Doing some research in advance is essential in helping you decide between Light Gauge Steel or others for your next construction project. Building solid structures is especially important in areas prone to ...

  • What is SPC Floor?
    • September 14. 2022

    SPC rigid vinyl flooring (Rigid Core SPC) is the latest upgrade and improvement ofthe Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). It’s considered to be the new trend in floor covering. The main content of SPC is natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizer which are combined by a certain ratio to provide us with a very stable composite material. There are many styles of rigid-core Luxury Vinyl inclu...

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