What software is the most suitable for light gauge steel framing design

What software is the most suitable for light gauge steel framing design

  • Oct 27, 2022

There are hundreds of steel structure design software all over the world. Tekla, Vertex BD, MWF from Strucsoft, Framecad design software, Framebuilder MRD etc.

However, what kind of design software is the most effective and most useful for light steel framing buildings?

Our CEO- Ollin Zhong, who has 10 years of experience in LGS construction has his unique view. “The first time I started to find a light steel framing design software is in 2014, I met Keymark’s CEO-Keith Dietzen, I learned about their design software Smart build, and then we began to discuss the interface between the light steel roll forming machine and their software. Working with a good team will save a lot of time for communication, Keymark gives us great confidence to get into the LGS construction area and whenever we have questions, they always give us good support.”

Even so, there are other companies providing design services some of them use Framecad, and some of them use Vertex BD. “We must integrate these design software to our machine as many as possible to expand our business.” Said Ollin Zhong. “After that, I visited other software developing companies and learned the different functions between them.”

Here is the detail of these main design software.


Vertex BD

Framebuilder MRD



Full architectural drawings

3D browser with furniture& accessories

DWG,DXF,3DS, IGES and SAT-interfaces

Archiving tools


Material Database

Steel framing design

Shop drawing


Floor plan layout drawing

Bill of materials

Which one is the best option depends on what information you need for your project.

Said Ollin Zhong. “I would strongly suggest Framecad software firstly, they have full engineering function and can generate complete reports. However, some designs are heavy-duty steel combined with light steel studs, these special projects might need a professional structural engineer but not a report from design software”

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