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  • Three Main Technical Modes for Prefabricated Buildings
    • November 16. 2021

    Assembled precast concrete structure (PC, Precast Concrete), steel structure and wood structure, the three technologies are self-contained systems, each with its own advantages. Assembled precast concrete structure: It is a concrete structure assembled with precast components as the main force-bearing components. It can be roughly divided into two stages: factory prefabrication and on-site assembl...

    • November 22. 2021

    LIGHT STEEL STRUCTURE ADVANTAGES FOR CONTRACTORS Comparing with reinforced concrete buildings; - Clean worksite, no cement, no mold. - Long working periods. Light steel don't effect at "Cold-Hot Weather Conditions". - Silent worksites. - Less working hours. - Light Steel Structure, not harmful to the environment and its recyclable. - Notably reducing loads. - Healthy worksite for everyone. - Easy ...

  • Structural Mechanics Features and Structural Design Ideas of Light-Frame Buildings
    • December 02. 2021

    There are two main mechanical characteristics of light-frame buildings, namely load sharing and repeated and compound effects. Load sharing means that all components in the system have both division of labor and cooperation, and work together to bear the load. Even if a component fails-it is not able to bear the part of the load it should bear, it does not matter. The neighbors will take the lead ...

  • Light Gauge Steel Roof Structure
    • December 20. 2021

    1. Rafter roof This is the most common light gauge steel roof structure, mainly used for complex roof shapes. The rafter roof can be divided into: ■Rafters and pillars (picture 1 and picture 2) This is the most common LGS roof structure, mainly used for complex roof shapes. Picture 1 Picture 2 ■Rafters and restraint joists (pictures 3 and 4) Picture 3 Picture 4 This kind of light gauge steel roof ...

  • Advantages of Light Steel Villas
    • January 10. 2022

    The villas in light steel structures can endure 12 grade hurricane, 1500mm snow load, 9 grade seismic, and 2.5h fire resistance.   Moisture-proof: Compared to wood structure or civil engineered villas, you don't need to worry about termites on steel structure villas, as well as the swelling of materials caused by wet weather, and the decay of materials as time elapses.   Great ventilatio...

  • [Innovative structure] Special-Shaped Column-Several Beams, Special-Shaped Frame Word System Introduction
    • February 15. 2022

    The steel structure of the special-shaped frame plate system adopts a thin cylindrical structure-two-die bending and forming special-shaped columns, which are connected by bolts or self-tapping screws, together with the floor structure, to form a beam, and the frame structure of the basic structure can be required according to the needs. The base structure of the shape, or the base structure of th...

  • Project Show Case - Heavy Structure Main Body & LGS Walls
    • March 01. 2022

    This project is for a post located in China. The main body is heavy structure, and the walls are LGS ( Light gauge steel ). Look, the tower crane is working. Our Basement. Our Roofs. Our Heavy Structure Body Finished Interior Decorating Doors & Windows Exterior Wall Finished

  • In Australia - Buying VS Building a Prefabricated House: All Your Questions Answered
    • March 23. 2022

    With interest rates at an almost record low in Australia, buying a home has suddenly become a very real possibility for families, property investors and first and second-home buyers. However, if you're a house hunter who knows exactly what they want, building a light gauge steel structure home from scratch to your exact specifications is a tempting option. With so many details and factors to consi...

  • Project Show Case - Quanxi Temple 2 Stories Light Gauge Steel Frame Structure House
    • March 29. 2022

    The cost of whole steel frame structures under RMB150,000. Assembly Time: 6 workers finish assembly within 7 days. BUILDMART building material special-shapesteel framingstructureadopts special-shaped &top hat beams, which are between light steel and heavy steel structure, which are connected by standard bolts and self-tapping screws. Together with profiled sheet, form a plate-beam-co...

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