[Innovative structure] Special-Shaped Column-Several Beams, Special-Shaped Frame Word System Introduction

[Innovative structure] Special-Shaped Column-Several Beams, Special-Shaped Frame Word System Introduction

  • Feb 15, 2022

The steel structure of the special-shaped frame plate system adopts a thin cylindrical structure-two-die bending and forming special-shaped columns, which are connected by bolts or self-tapping screws, together with the floor structure, to form a beam, and the frame structure of the basic structure can be required according to the needs. The base structure of the shape, or the base structure of the different base shape for the common base shape, or the base structure of the more powerful base structure. The backbone structure installed on the construction site is similar to the simple equipment structure, which is convenient for installation operations, auxiliary devices, low performance ratio, simple construction, and structural structure. The problem is that the process is heavy after construction, and the connotation of corrosion to steel bars is eliminated. It is an assembled structure suitable for low-rise buildings.

Compatible Foundation: Bolt Ground Pile

Positioning of Screw Pile Cap

Screw Pile Cap Positioning

Screw Pile in Place

Screw Pile Driving

Piling Construction of Screw Ground Piles

Standard components: Columns, Beams, Nodes, Floor decks

Column Base Node

Column Foot Node and Foundation Beam Connection Node

Foundation Beam Construction

Foundation Beam Construction Correction

Column Construction & Temporary Fixing

Installation & Construction of Large-span Beams

Profiled Floor Deck with Studs

Calibration Ladder Installation

Standard Column Adapter

Intermediate Beam-column Connection

Corner Column-beam Connection

Simple Temporary Support

Beam-Beam Connection

Engineering Case as Followings:

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