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Interior And Exterior Wall Fireproof Soundproof Fiber Cement Board

This is a new innovation which combines the strength of Cement and workability of wood to make an ideal building material for all kinds of building applications, namely, Flooring.

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Interior And Exterior Wall Fireproof Soundproof Fiber Cement Board

BUILDMART cement fiber boards are eco friendly multi purpose fibre cement boards Manufactured using Pine fibre , Portland Cement and high grade sand.

BUILDMART cement fiber board are highly sought after for its strength, dimensional stability, aesthetics and versatility. These are highly resistant to Moisture, Chemicals and pests.

With high quality fiber and mineral substances as main content, BUILDMART cement fiber board was made with forming by advanced technique and technological process and through high temperature and high pressure maintenance, and special treatment.

Main mechanical performance and indexes of cement fiber board

Name of Product


Antiflex cracking strength

Water adsorption rate

Water Impermeability

Freezing resistance



Cement fiber board




Through water immersing for 24th, no water drop appeared on bottom surface

Through cyclically freezing and melting 25 times, no damage stratification

Conforming to
GB8624 A Class

Conforming to
GB6566-2001A Class









Selectable other specifications

Selectable abrasive finishing on right surface







Dimensional deviation:  


















Physical properties:  



Thermal conductivity

≤0.29 W/(m.k)

Water absorption


Water contain


Moisture movement


Bending strength

oven dry

≥16 Mpa

saturation with water

≥13 Mpa


class A

1、Excellent fire-proof performance

2、Excellent damp-proof performance

3、Durability and long service life

4、High strength

5、Stable dimensions

6、Good heat and sound insulation

Fiber Cement Board Feature

1、Internal and external wall bodies

2、Furred ceiling

3、Sound-adsorbing wall body

4、Sound-adsorbing  furred ceiling

Soundproof Fiber Cement Board
Exterior Wall Cement Fiber Board

Cement Board Flooring Packaging and Shipping

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