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Cost-Effective Light gauge steel framing construction Supplier

BuildMart manufactures precision-made light steel frames for residential housing that deliver a better, more durable & healthier home.

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 Cost-Effective Light gauge steel framing light Steel Frame Supplier construction

Light gauge steel framing is a house structure with its low-rise and environmentally friendly structure, where you can have healthy living spaces intertwined with nature. In our age where the importance of green and environmental health is increasing and where worldwide projects are carried out for awareness, steel frame building are a great advantage and one of the best choices to be made in terms of our future. 

Total Steel Frame Solutinos

Main Steel Structure

G550 AZ150/Z275 light steel frame home

Beam & Column:

Welded or Hot rolled H-section

Wall & Roof:

Calcium silicate board/Glass Wool/Metal carved board  /PU Sandwich Panel& Asphalt tile /Stone coated board etc 


Hot dip galvanized or painted

Drawings & Quotation:

1) Customized design is welcomed.
2) In order to give you an exactly quotation and drawings, please let us know the building length, width, eave height and local weather. We will quote for you promptly.

luxury prefab house

Prefab House Advantages:

- Clean worksite, no cement, no mold.

- Long working periods. Light steel don't effect at "Cold-Hot Weather Conditions".

- Silent worksites.

- Less working hours.

- Light Steel Structure, not harmful to the environment and its recyclable.

- Notably reducing loads.

- Healthy worksite for everyone.

- Easy and more defined, occupational safety and health administration.

- Light steel with suitable for shielding fully satisfies legal fire and thermal requirements.

- Less rough construction costs.

- Defined, controlled production system.

- Satisfies any kind of norm. (for static report, for raw materials, for supports and connection components)

- The considerable weight receiving enables savings with regard to the foundations, making it easier to build on difficult terrain or with constraints.

- Easy erection doesn't need high technical skills, that’s makes it easier to find staff. Less skilled staff means, save money.

- Easy to erection, restrain worker errors and incidental costs.

- Contractor can increase their turnover.

- Build more in a less time: On average it is guesstimate that light frame steel constructions take 40% less time to build. With our qualified erection teams, deliver more projects in less time, thus increasing your profit.

- Industrial standardization of the fabrication reduces the cost price & workshop pre-erection accelerates the duration of the worksite. Furthermore, steel is not sensitive to bad weather (no worksite stoppages)

Movable Prefabricated House

20+ units light steel frame machine, 50+ skillful designers, 50000+ square meter warehouse for the in stock building materials, to save your time and support you well, are serious.

Our Office

Buildmart (Xiamen) Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Part of the Light Steel Frame Factory

Light Steel Frame Factory

Materials Warehouse

Materials Warehouse

Materials Warehouse Factory

Light Steel House Villa Characteristic:

1.Shock resistance: It can withstand 9 rare earthquakes and is suitable for areas with seismic intensity above 8

2.Wind resistance: resistant to 70m/s hurricane, wind resistance rating is 14 or above

3.Durability: The main structure can last for more than 150 years

4.Fire resistance: refractory time of up to 1~4 hours according to different designs

5.Sound insulate

Light Steel Frame Prefabricated home

Light steel frame construction systems

Light Steel Frame Prefabricated home Packing and Loading

Packing and Loading

Q: What services you have ?

A: We are the total building system integrator as to save your production time, delivery costs and with quality assurance. The purpose of our company is to help you Build Faster, Smarter and Better.

1.Building materials: Our warehouse in stock for roofing materials, floor materials, wall materials, house fasteners & etc.

2.House design service: with 50+ designers available for the service.

3.House structure manufacture: we have 20+ steel frame machines to manufacture the structure.

Q: Do you have a minimum order quantity requirement?

A:  We do not have a minimum order size, but to help you save shipping costs, we recommend multiple product combinations.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: The delivery time is 5-10 days after receiving your deposit.

Q: Are samples available?

A: Yes, the samples are free, and the courier fee will be charged by you or provided to us by your courier account. After the order is confirmed, this fee can be refunded from the order.

Q: Can I visit your factory for inspection before placing an order?

A: Warmly welcome you to visit our factory at any time. Please let us know your arrangements in advance so that we can book the hotel and arrange the pick-up service for you.

If you have any require, please feel free to contact me~

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BUILDMART steel structure houses are produced with modern technology, aiming to provide reliable, fast construction and value-for-money steel structure house solutions.

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IPv6 network supported


Leave A Message

Leave A Message

    If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!

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