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  • Developing a simplified method of calculating U-values in light steel framing
    • October 29. 2021

    There has been considerable debate over the development of simplified calculation methods for thermal resistance (R-value) and thermal transmittance (U-value) for light steel frame constructions that designers can easily use. Such simplified methods have presented a particular difficulty for light steel framing constructions as compared with many other forms of construction because they must accom...

  • Experimental Study of The Shear Behaviour of Floor Diaphragms in Light Steel Residential Buildings
    • November 01. 2021
    Experimental Study of The Shear Behaviour of Floor Diaphragms in Light Steel Residential Buildings

    Steel housing solutions made of thin-walled cold-formed steel profiles (CFS) appear to be competitive in seismic areas because of their light weight and the associated reduced mass. This non-negligible advantage on top of their competitive costs and the ease with which they are built have made this type of building popular.  In addition, several in-depth studies into the lateral response of s...

  • Light-steel Villas Resist the Unsafe Factors of Earthquakes
    • November 10. 2021

    CCTV News: At 15:20 on December 9, 2019, an earthquake of magnitude 4.6 occurred in Anzhou District, Mianyang City, Sichuan, China (31.56 degrees north latitude, 104.25 degrees east longitude), with a focal depth of 10 kilometers! According to statistics, almost all of the light-steel villas built in Sichuan at that time were not deformed or collapsed, but the brick and tiled houses had more or le...

  • Three Main Technical Modes for Prefabricated Buildings
    • November 16. 2021

    Assembled precast concrete structure (PC, Precast Concrete), steel structure and wood structure, the three technologies are self-contained systems, each with its own advantages. Assembled precast concrete structure: It is a concrete structure assembled with precast components as the main force-bearing components. It can be roughly divided into two stages: factory prefabrication and on-site assembl...

    • November 22. 2021

    LIGHT STEEL STRUCTURE ADVANTAGES FOR CONTRACTORS Comparing with reinforced concrete buildings; - Clean worksite, no cement, no mold. - Long working periods. Light steel don't effect at "Cold-Hot Weather Conditions". - Silent worksites. - Less working hours. - Light Steel Structure, not harmful to the environment and its recyclable. - Notably reducing loads. - Healthy worksite for everyone. - Easy ...

  • Structural Mechanics Features and Structural Design Ideas of Light-Frame Buildings
    • December 02. 2021

    There are two main mechanical characteristics of light-frame buildings, namely load sharing and repeated and compound effects. Load sharing means that all components in the system have both division of labor and cooperation, and work together to bear the load. Even if a component fails-it is not able to bear the part of the load it should bear, it does not matter. The neighbors will take the lead ...

  • How to Define "Prefab"
    • December 06. 2021

    To know what is Prefab houses, we should know what is " assembly" first. (1) How to define "assembly" in the machinery industry What is "assembly"? "Assembly" is the use of various "components" with different materials, different shapes, and different functions with various devices that can be "assembled", "disassembled", and "replaceable" (that is, repairable) Installed together to form a "comple...

  • Light Gauge Steel Roof Structure
    • December 20. 2021

    1. Rafter roof This is the most common light gauge steel roof structure, mainly used for complex roof shapes. The rafter roof can be divided into: ■Rafters and pillars (picture 1 and picture 2) This is the most common LGS roof structure, mainly used for complex roof shapes. Picture 1 Picture 2 ■Rafters and restraint joists (pictures 3 and 4) Picture 3 Picture 4 This kind of light gauge steel roof ...

  • Application of Prefab House / LGS Building in British National Defense Construction
    • January 05. 2022

    Caledonian Prefab House / LGS Building starts work on £121 million contract for phase one of Defence College of Technical Training Caledonian Prefab House / LGS Building, part of the Caledonian Group, has commenced work on a £121 million Ministry of Defence (MoD)/Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) contract for Hercules, a joint venture between Kier Group and Balfour Beatty. The project...

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