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    • November 29. 2021

    Here are some reasons : 1.Fiber Cement Panels are Green Wall Material Using Class A Non-inflammability material, all of the index is zero including combustion index, heat dissipation index, flame index, smog index, etc. 2.Fiber Cement Board is Green Energy Conservation Effectively reduce the water and electricity, consumptive material, reduce the construction waste and dust pollution, shorten the ...

  • Fabricated Building Board Products Available on The Market
    • December 13. 2021

    ■Structural board (OSB, cement board, calcium silicate board, fiber board); ■Exterior panels; ■Plastic board; 1. The purpose of various plates ■Structural panel structure is used for the exterior structural wall panels of all (low-rise, bottom and high-rise) buildings. ■All interior wall decorations (used for low-rise, vertical and high-rise) buildings. ■Exterior panels The exterior panels can be ...

  • Do a Good Job in the Details of the Internal and External Corners of the Cement Fiber Board Exterior Wall
    • December 27. 2021

    How to Detail a Perfectly Seamless Fiber Cement Board–Clad Corner Creating a seamless corner detail isn’t as difficult as you think. Fiber cement cladding is not as difficult to detail as you think. Architects use it successfully for a wide variety of applications because it’s cheaper than other cladding materials, can be fabricated to look like a variety of raw materials (such as wood or concrete...

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