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Buildmart pays special attention to the management of the workshop. It has been operating according to the “5S” standard since 2011, and turns to “6S” since 2015, from 2018, we start “7S”.


SEIRI: No debris on the site, and the roads are unobstructed; delete management accidents such as mixing.

SEITON: Standard the place of people and objects. Reduce time to find items.

SEISO: Clean working environment around (including sanitary corners)

SEIKETSU: Through cleaning the environment, clear bad emotions, achieve inner cleanliness.

SHISUKE: Improve self-cultivate and use civilized language.

SAFETY/SECURITY: Safety operation, people-oriented.

SPRIT: Care details, details make a big difference.

Reception Light Steel Workshop

Calcium Silicate Board Workshop
House Wrap Workshop

Metal Carving Tile Workshop
OSB Workshop

SPC Floor Workshop

Connector Workshop

Glass Wool Workshop
Calcium Silicate Board Stock

Building Material Stock

Light Steel House Show-room Appearance
Light Steel House Show-room Interior Decoration

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IPv6 network supported

IPv6 network supported

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