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  • April 13, 2022

Florida Project- 2 Stories Light Gauge Steel Villa with Wind Load Max 150MPH

H/C Area: 4202 sq. ft.
Decks: 4616 sq. ft.
Garage 2032 sq. ft.
Driveways 3422 sq. ft.
Stained Concrete: 12060 sq. ft.

Ultimate designwind speedVult's (150 MPH)
Nominal design wind speed, Vasd's (118 MPH)
Risk Category: II
Wind Exposure: C
Enclosure Classification: Closed
Internal Pressure Coefficient GCpl = 0.18
Roof Components and Cladding Uplift Pressure:

-40 PSF, -48 PSF & - 48PSF (values for zones 1,2, and 3)

Drawing - Cover Page Drawing - Elevation Drawing - Elevation

Design Detailing On Site Picture Project Overview

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