Which is the more cost effective way to build a house, light steel, brick or timber?

Which is the more cost effective way to build a house, light steel, brick or timber?

  • Dec 13, 2022

In recent years, with the national policy of building beautiful countryside and advocating assembly-type construction, the countryside has gradually become people's dream home. The rise of light steel villas has allowed people to build stylish and beautiful houses without spending too much time, money, and effort, meeting our need to return to natural living!

Light steel villas are widely available and are now recognized by many, but a large proportion of people still want to know which is more cost-effective, brick and mortar, timber, or light steel houses, so let's have a look today!

The load-bearing walls of brick structures cannot be altered, while frame structures can be altered for most of the walls. In general, brick structures have a lower service life and seismic rating.

1、Low requirements

2、High Acceptance


1, poor seismic resistance

The fatal disadvantage is not seismic, because the force in the wall, there is no other force point support, suffered from earthquakes or floods and other disasters is brittle damage, all at once collapsed.

2. Long construction period

From the preparation of materials to construction, brick and mortar houses are built over a long period, involving more investment in human and material resources, even if the building is good, it takes a period to dry before the decoration and other processes, and many factors that affect the length of the construction period, the structure of the house, the time of building and the size of the house will affect the process of building a house. For example, in the winter, the building process will be relatively slow.

3. Cracks.

The occurrence of cracks in brickwork is a common quality problem in rural self-built houses with poor integrity.

Wooden buildings

Wooden structures are structures made solely or mainly of timber to carry loads, connected and fixed using various metal joints or mortise and tenon. This type of structure, because it is made of natural materials, is subject to the limitations of the material itself.


1, High vibration resistance

2、Long durability


1. Environmental protection.

With the development of society, the original vegetation is becoming less and less, relatively speaking, the construction of houses requires a lot of original wood mass, which hurts this part of environmental protection.

2. Price.

Lack of timber resources, need to rely on imported wood, so the price will be higher.

3. Maintenance

Wooden houses need regular maintenance, such as every one or two years needing to be re-painted to protect the exterior walls of the wooden house, which has caused inconvenience to the use of wooden houses, if not properly maintained will reduce the service life of the wooden house.

Light gauge steel frame  buildings

The light steel structure is a residential building with a cold-formed thin-walled steel structure as the load-bearing skeleton and a light wall material as the envelope. It is an emerging building structure in recent years.


1、Lightweight and convenient

The structural materials used have high strength, thin thickness and low steel consumption (usually between 30Kg/m2 and 45Kg/m2 for low-rise houses), making the overall weight of the house light, only about 1/5 of that of traditional brick and concrete structures. The light weight of the structure reduces transport and lifting costs, and the foundation load is reduced accordingly, lowering the cost of the foundation. The foundation requirements are low, especially suitable for harsh areas with complex terrain such as mountains, river banks, sandy areas and islands.

2、Safe and durable

Light steel villa walls, roof frame structure and internal and external wall panels form a sturdy plate and rib structure, which greatly improves the ability to resist horizontal and vertical loads, so it has better seismic and wind resistance. It has been tested and proven to be resistant to earthquakes of 9° and hurricanes of 12+. The structural parts used are all made of hot aluminum galvanized steel plates, which are assembled with self-tapping screws, without the use of welding technology, effectively protecting the integrity of the zinc film, so the corrosion resistance is excellent and the service life of the building can reach more than 100 years.

3、Energy saving and environmental protection

The light steel structure can be 100% recycled and reused, which is significant for hiding steel in people. Excellent performance wall and roof combination solutions provide excellent heat insulation, sound insulation, and waterproof performance, and reduce energy consumption by 65% compared to traditional brick and concrete structures.

4. High degree of prefabrication and labor-saving

All building materials for the whole light steel structure house can be factory mass-produced and prefabricated, with a high degree of mechanization and no wet work on site, truly realizing residential industrialization.

5. High quality and comfort

Thanks to the use of excellent heat and sound insulation and energy-saving structures and materials, indoor living comfort is greatly improved. The built-in pipes and thinner walls effectively increase the usable area of the house (more than 10% higher than conventional brick and concrete). This, together with the plasticity of the steel structure, makes it possible to have a complex, varied and beautiful house shape.


Structural changes are quite difficult
As the whole structure is a steel frame, each structure is connected together, "one hair will move the whole body", need to change the structure, need professional technical personnel, generally find a contractor can be.

But you can trust the Buildmart team to build your dream home!

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