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  • Should You Choose OSB or Plywood ? Here is What to Consider
    • February 09. 2022

    Whether you're building a new house or doing some renovating, you might have to purchase some wood panels for subfloors or sheathing. There are many choices available, but the two most commonly used products are oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood.  OSB and plywood are both made from wood pieces, glues, and resins. They come in large sheets or panels, and each can be used for a variety of...

  • Cold Formed Steel Framing - How and Style
    • April 02. 2022

    How is Cold-Formed Steel Framing Made? The production of cold-formed steel begins with the production of raw steel. This is made by combining iron ore or scrap steel with carbon in a furnace. Then, cold-formed steel framing is made from sheets of this structural steel. These sheets are fed through roll-forming machines, which turn the steel into c-shaped sections or other shapes (depending on the ...

  • Perspective View of Triangular Metal Frame Ceiling
    • May 05. 2022

    Sample of Metal Stud Ceiling Framing Any interests or questions, welcome to visit BuildMart at

  • Guide to Metal Studs Framing
    • May 16. 2022

    Metal studs are cold-formed steel components used for framing basement and partition walls just as regular wooden apparatuses. They are mainly used to support non-load bearing walls. On the other hand, metal stud framing is the process of erecting walls and panes using cold-steel components. Metal stud framing has two major apparatuses – the stud and the truck. Heavy gauge metal studs are used in ...

  • Reasons for the development of light gauge steel houses
    • October 09. 2022

    Opportunities for light steel framing villas 1、The urbanization process continues 2. The tourism and holiday industry is looking up 3. Ageing is on the horizon Factors driving the industry I. Shortage of workers and increasing labor costs Compared to traditional construction methods, the use of integrated assembled buildings greatly enhances production efficiency and reduces manpower requirements;...

  • A perfect blend of architecture and ecology
    • November 03. 2022

    The challenge to architects is how to meet the needs of modern construction in an ecologically optimal way. After making a large number of on-site investigations, architects completed the structural transformation and integrated system layout with extremely minimal intervention, so that the light steel frame building could be connected with the surrounding forest and water system smoothly. There a...

  • The Benefits Of Tiny House With Metal Stud
    • January 26. 2023

    Using metal studs to frame a tiny house is a great way to extend its life and durability. One hugely critical element of building a tiny home is a sturdy framework. If the framework is sturdy, durable, and resistant to damage, there are bound to be far fewer issues down the line. When building a tiny house for the very first time, there are lots of small details that go into the entire process to ...

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