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Prefabricated building-construction essentials

  • May 12, 2021

The rapid development of prefabricated concrete structures. With the continuous improvement of the industrialization of residential buildings, the application of prefabricated external wall panels, prefabricated beams, and prefabricated stairs in construction projects has become more and more extensive. The main points of prefabricated assembly construction are sorted out one by one for reference.

A. Installation and construction of prefab laminated balcony slabs

1. The prefabricated balcony is hoisted with 4 rings reserved on the prefabricated board.

2. In the process of hoisting the balcony board, the balcony board should stop 500mm away from the working surface, adjust the position, and then install it, the action should be slow during installation.

3. After aligning the control line and placing the balcony board, fine-tune the position to ensure the horizontal placement, and finally adjust the elevation with the U-shaped bracket;

4. After the balcony is hoisted and installed, it must be rectified to ensure the installation quality

B.Installation and construction of prefabricated laminated panels

1. When hoisting the laminated board, use the modular lifting beam when lifting, and the lifting process is slow to ensure the stability of the laminated board;

2. During the hoisting process, stop at a distance of 300mm from the working floor to adjust and position the direction of the laminated board; avoid collision during the hoisting process, stop and slow down to ensure that the laminated board is intact.

3. Temporary brackets are to be made at the bottom during installation, and the spacing between the supporting points is 150cm. Each bay support frame is set in 2-3 rows;

4. If the construction of the structural layer is to be carried out, a double-layer bracket shall be installed. After the construction of a laminated floor is completed, the cast-in-place concrete strength is greater than or equal to 70% of the design strength before the next bracket can be removed。

C. Installation and construction of precast wall panels

1. In order to ensure that the wire ropes on both sides of the different components are hoisted to replace the lifting points and consume a lot of time, set the lifting beam as two lifting points on one side, and set the component numbered lifting points on the other side according to the needs of the engineering components.

2. Modular hoisting beams are used for wall panel hoisting. Reasonable hoisting points are used according to the hoisting ring position of the prefabricated wall panel. The wire rope is connected with the reserved hoisting ring of the external wall panel with a shackle. The hoisting can be continued after the hoisting ring is connected correctly.

3. Before lifting, it is necessary to nail a 500mm wide multi-layer board on the lower side of the prefabricated wall panel. Knock it off requires a slow and uniform speed to ensure that the edge of the prefabricated wall panel is not damaged.

4. When prefabricated wall panels are hoisted, when the tower crane is required to slowly hoist to about 600mm above the working layer, the constructors use two ropes to hook them with hooks, use the ropes to pull the boards, and slowly lower the wall panels.

D. Installation and construction of prefabricated bay windows

1. The bay window hoisting is connected by lifting lugs, bolts and reserved nuts on the bay window.

2. After connection, place the bay window at a position 300mm away from the working surface. According to the position line, slowly move the bay window in place. When the bay window bolts are adjusted to the position of the hole through the wall, a custom U-shaped bay window horizontal occlusion set Put it on the bay window and use the sliding rope to pull the bay window so that the bolts are inserted into the connecting holes of the wall panels.

E. Prefabricated beam installation and construction

1. Measure the elevation error between the top of the column and the bottom of the beam, and pop up the beam side control line.

2. Indicate the hoisting sequence and number of each structure on the component, so that the construction personnel can identify it.

3. The beam bottom support adopts vertical pole support + adjustable top support + 100mmX100mm wooden square, the elevation of the precast beam is adjusted by the top wire of the support system

4. When lifting the beam, hook the hoisting ring of the pole beam with a sling. The sling should be of sufficient length to ensure that the angle between the sling and the pole beam is not less than 60°.

5. When the beam is initially in place, accurately align the beam with the beam positioning line on the column head, and tighten the lower adjustable support while leveling, so that the hook can be loosened.

F. Installation and construction of prefabricated stairs

When installing the prefabricated stairs, stop at a distance of 500mm from the working surface. Adjust according to the direction of the stair slab. Operate slowly when in place to avoid vibration and damage to the stair slab. After it is basically in place, use a crowbar to fine-tune the correction position according to the control line. , Weld and fix after correction.

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