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  • Demystifying SPC Flooring
    • August 18. 2022

    Do you feel like the flooring options for your home have gotten confusing? There are so many different flooring types now that keeping up with everythingthat claims with most modern & suitable option. Most people don't shop for new flooring that often, so when you do begin to look at options, you might feel a little out of your league. One type of flooring we hope to explain in this article is...

  • What is SPC Floor?
    • September 14. 2022

    SPC rigid vinyl flooring (Rigid Core SPC) is the latest upgrade and improvement ofthe Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). It’s considered to be the new trend in floor covering. The main content of SPC is natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride, and stabilizer which are combined by a certain ratio to provide us with a very stable composite material. There are many styles of rigid-core Luxury Vinyl inclu...

  • Duplexes, are the perfect choice for young couples living with their parents
    • November 23. 2022

       In today's fast-moving material world, it is essential for young people to get married and have a home. Most young couples prefer to live alone and rarely want to live with their parents. Because of the difference in concepts caused by the age of life, young people and their parents will be very different in communication and exchange, living together for a long time will also produce...

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