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  • In Australia - Buying VS Building a Prefabricated House: All Your Questions Answered
    • March 23. 2022

    With interest rates at an almost record low in Australia, buying a home has suddenly become a very real possibility for families, property investors and first and second-home buyers. However, if you're a house hunter who knows exactly what they want, building a light gauge steel structure home from scratch to your exact specifications is a tempting option. With so many details and factors to consi...

  • Material selection for building houses
    • September 20. 2022

    Using different types of structures for dream houses is crucial to the choice of a contractor. A house or building is a big investment that requires a lot of planning to avoid any regrets. Doing some research in advance is essential in helping you decide between Light Gauge Steel or others for your next construction project. Building solid structures is especially important in areas prone to ...

  • Which is the more cost effective way to build a house, light steel, brick or timber?
    • December 13. 2022

    In recent years, with the national policy of building beautiful countryside and advocating assembly-type construction, the countryside has gradually become people's dream home. The rise of light steel villas has allowed people to build stylish and beautiful houses without spending too much time, money, and effort, meeting our need to return to natural living! Light steel villas are widely availabl...

  • Reasons why Tiny houses are becoming popular
    • December 27. 2022

    It looks like the tiny house craze is here to stay, and for good reason. As the world grows more complicated, people long for a return to simplicity. There are still many advantages of Tiny houses, 1. Mobility and flexibility, the use of scenarios change. The mobile container module house has strong mobility. No matter where the customer will build, as long as the area is flat, and reserved space ...

  • What's it really like to live in a tiny house?
    • January 03. 2023

    Tiny houses have their perks — they're both environmentally and budget friendly. When looking for a home, you probably keep an eye out for certain features — a big backyard, multiple floors, beautiful views and lots of space. A small trailer homes can sometimes afford you all the room you need if you know how to cut back and organize well. And for ideas on how to organize your house on a tiny home...

  • Do tiny houses degrade faster than traditional ones?
    • January 11. 2023

    Some wear and tear are unavoidable for a home of any size. Constant human presence affects every home, especially if you have kids or pets! But is it true that a tiny house degrades faster than a traditional home? Not necessarily. When we first looked into tiny houses, the word "durable" wasn't the first descriptor that came to mind. But despite its unassuming size, a tiny home can last as long as...

  • How to Prepare Your Tiny House for Severe Weather Conditions
    • February 01. 2023

    There are more movable houses out there in the public eye, so it makes sense to have more information available to mobile homeowners. To learn how to prepare your tiny house for severe weather conditions, simply look for information on how to protect your mobile home. Follow the guidelines provided by your state or country Of course, every part of the world is different and so how much and ho...

  • Material Construction of the Mobile Tiny Home
    • February 07. 2023

    Modern Tiny Home is a light steel structure with walls made of coloured steel sheets clad with polyethylene foam sandwich composite panels. Mobile House is also called Tiny house. Also a type of Modular Home. It is a kind of light steel frame, sandwich panel as the enclosure material, standard modulus series for space combination, members using bolts to connect, a new concept of environmental prot...

  • Mobile homes make a difference to people's lives
    • February 22. 2023

    A mobile home is a house that can be moved at will, but not by itself, but by means of a crane  or on wheels. Since ancient times, building a house has been a big event for every family, and as people's living standards improve, people's perception of houses is no longer just strong and solid and spacious, but more attention is paid to the exterior style and interior decoration and its overal...

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